Spot On.

Spot On.






Excuse me as I causally anonymously mail this to all my relatives’ homes

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: Equating all Muslims with the Taliban or Al-Quaeda is like equating all Christians with the Westboro Baptist Church or those who bomb abortion clinics.

Numbers don’t lie.

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On Boobs

From Twitter

Boobs are funny things. Thoroughly and perpetually attractive & addictive but ultimately boring once fondled.

And is it just me, or does every guy fondling boobs try to push them together in an attempt to make one big one?”

What do you think?

Last Time


When my girlfriend and I were last having sex she shouted the name ‘Michael!’. My name is Donal. She denies this and said I must have misheard it in the throes of passion. I didn’t. What the feck is going on here?


Hate when that happens. Had a girl shout out Jesus Christ at me in bed one time. 

50 posts! Thank you for your love. Cheers

50 posts! Thank you for your love. Cheers